Our Story | これまでの歩み

Our Story

■March 2021
Moved our office to Saijo-cho Misonou, Higashi-Hiroshima-city, Hiroshima.
Changed business name to “J-orientation”.

■September 2020
Started video-remote service.

■January 27, 2016
Kyoto Orientation was created as a community-based business to assist non-Japanese speaking families with small children in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, Japan.

■May 2011
Jafore – A Child-rearing Support Team for Non-Japanese Speaking Families, was established as a voluntary organization that performs community activities.
Provided local information and organized gatherings regularly for non-Japanese speaking families to make a bridge with the local community.
(Jafore is an Ethiopian Gurage word meaning “open space”. In Ethiopia, there is a place for someone to go there, chatting, watching over their children, and helping each other in the community. I am working with the desire to create such an environment.)

■February 2010
Nishi Megumi voluntarily began supporting non-Japanese speaking families in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, Japan.





(Jafore (ジャフォール)とは、エチオピアのグラゲ族の言葉で「ひろば」という意味です。エチオピアには、そこに行けば誰かに会えるひろい場所があって、おしゃべりをしたり、子どもを見守りあったり、助け合いながら地域で子どもをそだてています。そんな環境を作っていきたいという想いで活動しています。)